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Programme for young people with care experience

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Life Hacks

Designed by care leavers

for looked after children and young people

with care experience

FREE course including lunches, transport and crèche


  • Do you want to feel more confident?
  • Save money and manage a low budget better?
  • Feel like you have limitless possibility in a career?
  • Achieve a new qualification?
  • Make friends in a safe, friendly and understanding environment?
  • Be part of a group of people who’ve been there…


“Roar has given me hope that there are people out there, that genuinely put care leavers issues as a priority. There’s a saying that you judge a society by how you treat its weakest. I’m here to say care leavers are NOT weak. We are strong and resilient but often we just need to be given a break and a chance!  Roar aims to do that by arming us with the further skills and experience needed for independent living. I have been stigmatised and brushed aside, but now, knowing I am part of a team that are proactively looking to make people have successful lives after care.  For them not to be a rarity but a common experience,  makes me so proud. Roar is so committed it gives me hope that there are people out there who care about us as individuals and not just as stories.”

Coco - Roar mentor and care leaver


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This is a 6 week programme (1 day per week) delivered by Roar Pursuits and sponsored by the Mayor of London Young Londoners Fund. The programme takes place in our centres 5 times a year for the next 3 years - until December 2021 (see delivery dates for 2019 and programme overview below).


The programme

Week 1 - Origins: Personal strengths, resilience and interactive exercise cards to help you find  your areas of interest and tease out aspirations. We help you find your strengths and weaknesses and think about your potential! We encourage you to develop your talents and interests with support from dedicated coaches who have left care. There will be group work to build skills, involve social inclusion and you will meet people with similar backgrounds. (so no need to explain anything, we know!)

Week 2 -  Savvy: Money and Tenancy Management; Understand housing options, tenancy

rights and obligations. Which bills to prioritise and why. Budgeting and saving money

and how to manage on a low income. Understanding credit and higher purchase, retail

tips on how to get the best deals as well as what to do if you face financial problems or

have debts. For you are willing and able you can take a test and when you pass, you will gain

a QCF.

Week 3 - Evolve: Confidence and Healthy Relationships; How to fake it make it. Simple

practical tips and skills to give off the right air of confidence. Body language including

power poses, how to introduce yourself well and good eye contact are key. We will show you how!

Week 4 -  Presence: We teach you how to make the most of selling yourself not just online but in person but also how to be the best version of yourself in work, learning soft skills. CV preparation and interview techniques also form part of this week.

Week 5 -  Elevate: We show you how to use your network of friends, family and colleagues to get that job. We show you the hidden job market as well as online applications. Support is managed so that we guide you rather than ‘hand hold’, as part of the training revolves around you being able to do things for yourselves.

Week 6- Goal setting: We help you ensure there are next steps in place for you to achieve your aspirations. We measure your distance travelled and help you prepare for interviews. We also ask your feedback on what you would change or improve about training.

Following week 6: If you like, we will help you with a year-long monthly review, business brokerage with local companies and support you with any problems you may face.


If you would like more information contact either Nathalie Delahaye, Roar Pursuits Director on 0203 198 5391 or Christel Warn in our Mulgrave Centre on 0208 331 4128.


The next workshop starts on Friday 17th January until 21st February 2020 included

Location: Elliston House, Rectory Place, Woolwich SE18 5DL

(opposite our Mulgrave Children's Centre)



To find out more about Roar Pursuits, click on the following link


What our Parents Say
"Always enjoy coming to the dad's days" Tom Inglis
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