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Central Greenwich Children’s Centres

Our Story - Until April 2020

CGCC stopped providing services at the end of March 2020. Our story so far

Children’s centres … a national initiative

  • In 1998, the central government created an area-based initiative, Sure Start Local Programmes, with the aim of giving children the best possible start in life through improvement of childcare, early education, health and family support with an emphasis on outreach and community development. The Government initially pledged to fund Sure Start local programmes for 10 years.
  • In 2003, the government’s long term plan is to transfer Sure Start Local Programmes into the control of local governments and create a Sure Start children’s Centre in every community by 2005
  • In 2004 Every Child Matters proposed a switch from Sure Start Local Programmes to Sure Start Children’s Centres. The Government then announced the funding provision for 2,500 children’s centres by 2008 which was later increased to 3,500 children’s centres by 2010.
  • In 2011, the central government announced cuts in general funding from central government to local authorities. The funding for Sure Start had not been protected. A number of local councils announced cuts to their Sure Start budgets. The majority of Local authorities decided to commission organisations to deliver the children’s centre provision.
  • In 2016, Children’s Centres are still under threat in some counties. They rely on external funding and partnerships to survive


Central Greenwich Children’s Centres - How it all started

  • In 2014 the Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG) commissioned out the running of its children’s centres provision and decided to divide the borough in 5 areas (see map below).
    • Greenwich Central A
    • Greenwich Central B
    • West Greenwich
    • South Greenwich
    • East Greenwich
  • In 2013, three primary school head teachers from Eglinton, Mulgrave and Pound Park decided to create a school company.
  • In October 2014, Central Greenwich Children’s Centres (CGCC) was created and was contracted by RBG to run the children’s centre provision for Greenwich Central B.
  • In 2016, CGCC became a charity


CGCC has a strong team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals committed and dedicated to serving their local families. They have worked in the Woolwich community for decades and know it well. They provide support, expertise and go above and beyond their duties to make sure the families feel safe, nurtured and are offered activities, training to gain work skills and support relevant to their needs.


We no longer run children's centre services - the centres remain open and you should see and



What our Parents Say
"Always enjoy coming to the dad's days" Tom Inglis
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