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Grobrain Baby course

What is Grobrain?

Grobrain baby course is a 4 week course for parents/carers with a child aged 0-12 months, expectant parents are also welcome.


Aims of the course:

·         To increase understanding of bonding and baby brain development

·         To show how parents help ‘wire up’ their baby’s stress response, e.g. through providing comfort

·         To increase sensitivity to babies’ cries and signals

·         To increase motivation to talk, sing, play and read to baby

·         To raise awareness of stress, including Post Natal Depression, in mothers and fathers and be introduced to some basic stress management techniques


Course Structure

There are four sessions, which can be tailored to the needs of parents to last 30 - 90 mins.
1. Bonding and brain development
2. ‘Tuning in’ to babies’ cries and signals
3. Communication and play
4. Stress management for parents 
Each week there is a reinforcement activity to try at home for both parent and baby.


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What our Parents Say
"Always enjoy coming to the dad's days" Tom Inglis
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